New Zealand Strives for Innovation by Issuing a New Entrepreneur Visa

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For those wanting to move to Australia, there is good news! The Australian government recently introduced a new immigration visa that is specifically for “innovative global entrepreneurs”.

New Zealand Visa Expert, an immigration service for people wanting to move to New Zealand, is excited at this new visa, as it will open the door for more people to get visas to work in the country.

The new visa is called the Global Impact Visa (GIV), and it is a four-year pilot programme that is limited to 400 visas.

It is believed that this new visa can be a boost to the economy of the region as well as stabilizing New Zealand as a centric force of innovation.

New Zealand Visa Expert knows how important it is to find a good fit for those wanting to move to the country to work.

By creating ventures, the attraction of smart capital, and networking globally, these new GIVs would create new jobs in Australia, according to Michael Woodhouse, Immigration Minister.

He also believes that the GIVs will increase good capital within the country because it will attract investors and entrepreneurs to move to New Zealand to live and work. New Zealand Visa Expert understands the NZ immigration process and can help you.


An example of this is the Silicon Valley where many entrepreneurs moved in order to be near innovation and start-ups.

Successful ideas tend to originate in these locations, which in turn attracts more entrepreneurs. As more people see the good things happening in New Zealand, they want to be a part of it, and the GIVs will help increase that potential and process.

New Zealand Visa Expert works each day with people who are excited to move to the country to live and work.

Dr. Jason Wargent, who created BioLumic Ltd, recently developed a technology for light treatment for plants.

He strongly believes that New Zealand is acquiring a name for innovation, specifically in agricultural technology.

Wargent moved from the UK in 2010 to work in Massey University’s horticultural department. BioLumic was developed due to his research in increasing crop yields with ultraviolet light.

Wargent said that he had much greater opportunities to develop his company in New Zealand than if he had stayed in the UK.

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