Do You Know the Requirements for New Zealand Citizenship?

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To be eligible for New Zealand citizenship, you’ll need to stay in New Zealand at least five years as a long-term legal resident, which means retaining a valid New Zealand Resident Visa or Permanent Resident Visa.

You will also need to have the desire to stay in New Zealand long-term; have English language skills that will be sufficient for day-to-day activities such as banking, shopping, and more without requiring assistance from others; pass the “good character” standards (you haven’t been accused of any criminal activity); and other requirements that may apply.

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If you are approved for citizenship to New Zealand, you will be asked to attend the official citizen ceremony for New Zealand citizenship.

You will also need to pay fees to the government in order to apply for this citizenship. The fee for each adult who was granted citizenship to New Zealand was $470.20 NZD as of January 1, 2016. For children under the age of sixteen years, the fee as of that same date is $235.10 NZD.

There may also be some additional fees and requirements for applying for citizenship to New Zealand, as these can be changed by the government of New Zealand without notice.

Once you are granted New Zealand citizenship, you can access a range of economic rights and apply for a New Zealand passports.

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